by The Boss Lady

The Daily Luxe

The daily luxe is the home of vintage and preloved luxury style. It is where luxury fashion meets sustainability and where we embrace personal style instead of just following the crowd.

Style should make you feel good about yourself, instead of making you feel like to need to keep up.  We want to help you make good style decisions and avoid the ups and downs of acquisition – make smart choices and have no regrets.

Our philosophy

The daily luxe aspires to curating classic, sustainable and informed personal style.

We believe that:

  • putting together an elegant and useful wardrobe will see you create a collection in your 20’s that you won’t regret in your 30’s;
  • an item of styles does not go from highly desirable to undesirable simply because 12 months has passed since you bought it;
  • fashion can be sustainable; and
  • smart fashion choices of high quality items will see reduced wardrobe turn-over and overall spend

The Boss Lady

The boss lady is a vintage luxury goods collector and fashion history nerd. The boss lady lives for sustainable fashion and classic statement looks. She loves vintage Versace and statement blazers above all else.

The boss lady had bold and elegant fashion influences from early on in life. Those influences come to the fore in her views on style, her love of all things elegant, and the boldness of her own personal style.

Steer clear of the viciousness of trends and enjoy individual style confidence.



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